Friday, 2 November 2012

New Coffees In, Today's Special, Cup Day


Today we start on a couple of coffees roasted by Clement Coffee in the South Melbourne markets. Owner Kris Wood is a bit 
of a veteran having worked all around town before starting off on his own tangent with Clement. 
It's a beautiful store and really worth a visit. 

Espresso:  Guatemala, Finca La Perla
Filter: Honduras, Jorge Alberto
Cold Drip: Kenya Kiangai AA (roasted by  Seven Seeds)

Weekend Special

New season white & purple asparagus salad w/ a hard boiled egg, 
seasonal greens, panfried lima beans & toasted almonds $14.50

Cup Day

Lowlands will be open on Cup Day trading our normal hours 7am-4pm with kitchen closing at 
3pm as always. We will have a separate brew bar operating in the window for a bit of fun. 
Come and try some of our coffees on offer as well as our tea range!

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