Thursday, 28 June 2012

long time between posts

After a long time between posts here is a catch up

Exciting new menu (of two weeks ago). French toast is there for the sweet teeth out there. Baked eggs are back after a long hiatus. My personal favourite is the poached eggs with corn off the cob, smokey chorizo and lime paprika mayo.

New coffee in this week: On the filter bar we have Panama Don Pachi Geisha and Kenya Kiandu AA. Espresso is the Burundi Kayanza Gatare Lot 10. These coffees are deserved of their own post (to come).

Recently had Small Batch's Golden Ticket filter blend. Had some great brews using it, we thought it suited french press and cold drip really well. Although not serving it at the moment, we also had some success with our all ceramic Czech pour over cone courtesy of Fibi!

Some great photos and review on Melbourne Review. Released on Saturday was this years Age Good Cafe Guide. We were excited to receive a great write up and awarded two cups! thanks Lowlands team

It's lovely to have new members Jane and Kirsten on board over the last couple of months.

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